And so it begins..

I know this is probably a really normal, bland way of beginning a new blog, but I don’t have any alternative. I am bored, so very, very bored. My boyfriend is at football training, my friends are doing productive things, and my laptop is taking a really long time to load the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars.

And so, my blog has been born. I know it sounds cliche, but I would love to be a published writer within the next 3 years. I have a piece at the moment which is just about 50,000 words and I have not touched it in over three months, which is disgraceful. I’m hoping that by getting myself to write everyday in this I will soon begin to write more and more every week, and then every day like I would during the summer.

I will try not to moan, though that’s usually difficult for me, and will try to stay up to date enough with my entries,but I can’t promise anything.

Well, if nothing this will be an experience… I might get a book by the end of it, so that’s an enormous plus!

Well, Pretty Little Liars has just about loaded, so I will go and complete my latest obsession. Bye!


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