I have decided that setting a goal might be a good way to inspire me to write more often and actually finish this first draft. As I have Christmas exams coming up in the next few weeks and a few more essays and articles to do I will have to consider that while looking at my time limitation to reach my aim.

College ends the week after next which means that I will no longer have to think about editing for the Irish section of the paper or about getting buses into college, as I will be going home for the holidays. Our break for Christmas lasts until January the 20th. From the day I finish my exams (the 19th of December I think) this gives me maybe a month of free time.

Obviously with New Years and Christmas and trying to meet with my boyfriend who lives here in Dublin a few days will have to be spared. So, I am giving myself to the end of January to finish my first draft. I want to prove to myself that I can finish a story I am passionate about and then I can even start on some other ideas I have before editing.

I think I’ll post a picture of my word count every time I write too, to make sure that I can’t lie and pretend that I have written when I haven’t, so I’ll post the word count after I post this and that will be the official start of me trying to reach my goal.

God, I better be able to do this!


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