The Restart

Ok, so I haven’t written consistently, as I said in over 2 months. This is really not good at all and I need to get my act together. I went to a lecture today about a masters degree. I want to do a masters in Creative Writing, but to do that I need to show initiative and prove that I will be worth picking for the course, that I will be driven and not give up until I am a published author.

That’s where tomorrow comes in. Tomorrow is a Saturday; a day when I have a lot of time to myself and a long day of staring at my computer screen, watching Pretty Little Liars and reading ‘funny’ posts on 9Gag. I do have plans for the day tomorrow, but they won’t be happening till the late afternoon, and so I am going to dedicate a three hour window from 1-4 to writing.

I don’t care whether I get 500 or 3000 words, just so long as I start back into it. By now my flow will be completely lost and I really can’t remember what stage of the plot-line I’m at, but hopefully after reading the chapter I’m on will remind me where I’m going with it. Well hey, it’s only a fist draft anyway, if there are a few gaps (more than there already are) I can fill them while editing it.

Hopefully I will get some work done tomorrow!


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