What a Great Day!

What an unbelievable day for writing! I don’t know why or where it came from but suddenly a huge creative splurge has come on and I have been sorting through poems to send to a professional poet for some feedback (an opportunity the college is putting out for students of English to use) and I have written over 2500 words!

I am extremely happy with myself! And so I will aim to get as much as I possibly can tomorrow and hopefully it will be another successful day! I do have a lot to do tomorrow, meeting some friends for dinner and I have some college work to do, but I am happy out going to bed tonight.

I could have written a bit more, but as I am out of practice I thought it would be a good idea to leave it at a point where I am excited about writing the next bit so that I am happy going back to it and starting back into it.

I might put up the poems I choose to send. They could be (probably are) awful, but hey, it’s something I can put up like!




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