I am exhausted…

I have been totally worn out today with walking around and writing for the last while, but I managed to keep up my ‘writing everyday’ thing. My boyfriend mentioned today that if I wrote around 2000 words a night I should be finished the first draft in maybe 16 days?

Well, that nearly made me cry. To think that this might actually be that close to a stage of being complete is totally overwhelming. I’ve never once finished any of my stories other than short stories, and I am really not that good at them at all!

HOWEVER this is the most important piece to me at the moment and I can’t believe it’s nearly over. Well it’s not really as I need to rewrite it and I think there will be a sequel and third book too. I first wrote the first page of this book in 4th year of secondary school and I am in my second year of college now. I only got back to it during the summer, and I am so glad I did. It has developed and changed and morphed into a completely new idea, but still keeping everything that made me jot down that first page back in school.

I cannot wait for tomorrow to write some more and keep on writing and developing the plot twists for the finale!




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