I cannot wait to sleeeeeep!

Well, today was it was really hard for me to start writing at all. So I sat with my laptop open in front of the TV while my Granny and Granda watched a show about Dublin Zoo. I didn’t get that much at all, but I still wrote, which is good, because I know if I stopped even for a day it would be hard for me to get back into it.

I have to go through all of those poems still tomorrow and edit them AND start on all my essays and everything that are due before the end of this semester. The thought of all of that makes me want to curl up and sleep till summer, but I can’t, I have to keep going and try to pass second year. I swear, next semester I will do all my work on time and go to ALL of my classes!

So, all in all a bad enough day for writing, but a good day because I didn’t not write! Yay! Cannot wait for tomorrow….. Night!




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