Ok, today was an awful day (weather wise) and when I woke up this morning I was over an hour behind schedule already. So, I ran around my room trying to find an outfit that would suit for the deceiving sunlight shining through my curtains. But, as usual I got distracted by the internet while I turned Youtube on so that I could dance around my room to music everyone in the house could hear, instead of stomping around to the music in my head.

During the time I was distracted by Facebook and all of the ‘Recommended for You’ videos along the side of my screen, a little notification popped up in the corner of my screen saying I had two new e-mails. I was scared thinking that one of my tutors was going to give me one of my essays back, but no, low and behold I had two e-mails from WordPress telling me that someone is following me and that they liked a post….

I honestly didn’t think anyone would even be able to find my Blog!! (I was convinced I would have done something wrong and somehow made it private) but not only did I actually register properly but people are actually reading it??! That is pretty damn amazing.

I hope I don’t get extremely boring now!

Regarding writing, I have not started yet as I have been out all day, but I usually don’t start till around 8 anyway. Should get around the same as the last two days I hope. Well only time will tell! I will post again in a bit!



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