I Have Written!!

It may not be a lot, but I have written a bit today. Which is great because that means I am sticking more or less with the routine of writing every day, and once I get into that routine and stick to it every single day without exception, I will be getting closer and closer to having a final piece that may actually be good enough to publish!

That thought… That’s something I have to hold onto, just the thought of someone reading my stuff is simply amazing. I mean when someone came up to tell me they liked my article in the paper that first time, I was so happy! I loved the thought that people were reading about something I had to say, and something that came from me. That’s silly because I write for the Irish section of the college newspaper and hardly anyone reads that!

But yeah, I’m happy that I wrote something tonight, hopefully I will write even more tomorrow and get over this one bit that’s holding me back!




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