Lazy, lazy girl.

So yesterday was just as bad as the day before. I did have an Irish essay to do, but that’s no excuse, I should have made sure I made time to write, but I didn’t as I was lazy.

I have had an even lazier day today than yesterday. I did nothing except go into college to give in my essay and then come straight home to do nothing but read other people’s writing on WordPress. Anything to get away from my own. I’m really trying to talk myself into writing tonight.

Is it even possible to have writer’s block no more week in? Nah, it can’t be, I must just be lazy. I always have been lazy, but I’m ready to change that now. I am going to try to come up with some hobbies or something that I can do. My step dad says that I’m always tired because I don’t do anything, but who knows maybe I’m just destined to be constantly tired.

Right, I should stop writing this and start writing something into the story and try to get past this part. I can’t wait for the last 10000 words, it should be so much fun making more twists and turns and finalising some of the ones that have been in it since the start. It’ll be unreal. I hope, if I get it right!

I hope I’ll be writing again in a bit with some better news than right now!


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