2000 BABY!!

That’s right I have accomplished 2000 words! I am ecstatic! I am exhausted, but I have gotten over the part that I just couldn’t figure any way to get out of. But it’s done now, and this is where I can make the whole thing more deceitful and really have fun with the readers: who’s the good guy, who’s the bad guy? It won’t b clear for a very long time, and when it is BAM (I hope).

So I think it will end up being a bit longer than 80000 words as planned, but I don’t mind, I am just going to keep going until everything is out. A while back I decided that I would make it a three book series. It’s a very long and complicated story and it takes a while for everything to be explained about the world they are living in.

I am writing a fantasy book. For now it is only one book. I don’t want to say much about it because I don’t know what the rules about ideas and stuff is on WordPress, so just in case I’m not going to say much. But, as I have said before I started this back when I was in fourth year (around 4 years ago) and back then it was only about three or four pages in a refile pad I used in school written in my awful scraggly writing I use when I get overly excited about what I’m writing.

I found it then at the end of sixth year, after my exams and turned those three pages into a chapter. After showing that to a few of my friends during my first year of college I got some really good reactions (which I really didn’t expect because I didn’t know how people would take to my ideas). After this I got hooked on it and it developed into something beyond anything I ever could have imagined.

I honestly don’t know where some of the stuff came from, but once it was there, it seemed like the piece was never right without it. Hopefully I’m not just incredibly proud of something that people didn’t want to hurt my feelings over, but I’m beginning to get more and more confident in my writing and in my ideas and how good/bad they may be.

I may stop writing now because I can feel a rant coming on about why I write, all the other ideas I have for after this one and all of that kind of stuff, which I will keep for another post!

Goodnight all! I hope I have as good news, if not better about my word count tomorrow!



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