Sooo… I’m Back to Being Lazy..

Ok, so before you judge me I have a good reason for not writing today!

First of all, I had an essay to do, and my boyfriend came over to help me with it. I haven’t seen him in a few days so I wasn’t going to waste time writing when I had him back for a little while (even if we were reading the Tales on our course for Pagan Celts).

Also, I had a tough week last week. I’ve been feeling a bit homesick. I’m living in Dublin, though I’m from Carlow. I had to move up here to go to college and even though it’s my second year I still miss my Mom a lot, not to mention my little brothers, step Dad and my Grandparents. I was pretty down about it last week and it was tough to get out of the slump.

But, thankfully I do have an amazing boyfriend who knows when something is up even when I don’t say anything, so when he came over today and once we finished our work, he got us Chipper for dinner and we chilled and watched the Simpsons (something I haven’t watched in a good few years!).

I then fell asleep on the couch after he went home, happy out and full to the brim with Chipper goodness, and was woken by my  Granny just in time for I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. I know that there are some days that you have to write and you really have to push through whatever it is that’s blocking you from it and do it regardless of what your mind is saying. Today was not one of those days and you would not believe how much happier I feel and how I can’t wait for tomorrow morning (yes, a Monday!).

So I will be in such a mood for writing tomorrow (once I get someone to take some articles for me and get my Renaissance Poetry Project done) and I will get loads done!




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