Where Did All the Time Go?

I swear, when I woke up this morning I thought that I had so much more time than I actually did. I swear, time is seeping out through a hole in the galaxy or something, either that or someone is stealing it, because I remember there being a lot more of it last year than there is now.

But, regardless of time I have made sure to write. I may not have reached my goal for today, but I did get some nice bits in which I am quite proud of (if I do say so myself). I am so close to 60,000 I can almost taste it, but alas I didn’t have it in me tonight.

But, I will be home much earlier tomorrow and will be in the mood for writing by then because I’ll have been doing essays and readings all day, so having a bit of fun with the language will be waaaay overdue.

Anyway, I planned for this to be a short post so that I could head straight to bed after writing it, so goodnight everyone!




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