A Sleepy-Post

Ok, so no writing at all done today. As one of my friends would say, I am a state. Although it is only half 10 I am literally about to fall asleep on my laptop, which is not the smartest thing when I have a new post open on a blog which could be seen by anyone. Don’t want to seem too crazy because of a sleepy-post.

Soooooo yeah, I may have written a rant earlier, but it only took a few minutes, so really I wouldn’t have gotten that far in the novel in that space of time anyway…. (Yes I am trying to make myself feel ok about not writing today, very unsuccessfully I might add).

I have noticed that I’m getting a few likes and followers and things, which is pretty cool. I didn’t know that WordPress did those award things until I started getting some. That’s good though, because I actually feel kind of guilty now for not writing. But I promise I will have looooooads done tomorrow.

I have had a pretty stressful few days after getting an essay -Critical Theory- back today which hand-on-my-heart I thought I failed, got a C-…. Almost hugged my tutor (who also happens to be the module co-ordinator) so I am wrecked from worrying, then I spent too much time in town which I can’t sugar coat at all. I was just having too much fun to come home!

So, hopefully will have a lot more news for you all tomorrow! Goodnight!!



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