What Is Our Generation Coming To?

This has absolutely nothing to do with writing, it’s more an observation than anything else. Today I overheard a guy on my bus telling someone on the phone about how he thinks his Facebook page froze on a particular post made by someone because it [his Facebook account] “wanted” him to see it.

I had to concentrate very hard on not laughing. Not only did he act like his Facebook was something that knew him personally, but that it was capable of ensuring that he saw things that were important, not just that he happened to log on at the right time and see a post someone had put up.

We are already dependant enough on Facebook without giving it a personality as well. I don’t understand it at all. I mean, believe me I have my phone with me constantly and if my pocket is feeling even slightly light I will freak over where I may have left it, or when I come home, I go straight for my laptop without hesitation.

I know that this is the age we live in now, and no matter what we are always gong to need the internet because we have become so dependant on it, but my Granny doesn’t know how to use it. Nor does she want to know how to use it. And yet she seems to be able to fill her day without memes or Facebook or online games, yet I am almost suffering from lack of internet after a weekend at home in the hills where I can’t get online as frequently.

I wish I didn’t have to depend so much on the internet, but unfortunately I am a child of this generation and I will always need it. I am worried to see what my children will be dependant on and how far technology will be able to wriggle into our lives.


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