I had sooooooo much work to do last week it was crazy. I was so swamped I stayed up super late to get a Renaissance Lit poetry project and a Pagan Celts essay done. I then went home to Carlow (I haven’t been home in nearly two months, so I think you can understand why I didn’t write while I was there).

I also had to edit some poems I sent into college to get feedback on, so I did kinda write my own stuff… Just not the novel…

Then, today I was forced to walk back to my Granny’s from mass in the pouring rain with my two younger brothers after a huge mix up over who was meant to be bringing us home. The worst thing about this was that there had been a) our parents and b) out grandparents there to bring us home, yet neither one waited for us and we were left alone.

And yet, even though we called each of them a million times each, I still get given out to over not having my phone. Oh the logic of the world!

And so I am now back in Dublin with an insane headcold and very sleepy eyes (I swear, I’m never not sleepy!). I got an extension for my last Irish essay, which is due tomorrow, but I don’t have to have it done till the 14th, which is unreal as I will have some serious recuperation time before my exams begin on the 12th.

I did write a teeny tiny bit on the train (then fell asleep as I am high on sleepy drugs) so I will post my word count below.

I will try to keep up with this, but please forgive me if I don’t- college is a bitch and I have loads left to do before Christmas!




PS I might be putting up some poetry in a while, so if you wanna see above this post and see whether or not I have put them up!


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