I have never liked the word ‘procedure’. It always seemed so material, so distant. It seems completely non-human to me. Obviously it’s not, but they could have at least made such an unwanted word sound a little bit more friendly… Maybe put a few happy letters in there to keep the patients happy.

Unfortunately though they don’t. I was told today that I will be having a ‘procedure’ done in a few weeks time. I’m not gonna lie, the second the doctor said the long name of the procedure aloud I wanted to cry. Thankfully my Mother was there to continue the conversation with the man.

He seemed really nice- no he was really nice. He was lovely. He asked me about my course, about my writing, he did everything he could to make me feel comfortable and relaxed (I hate doctor’s offices, so I’m pretty sure I was shaking like a leaf just talking to the guy).

He was great. Until he started showing me all the different tools he will be using inside of my body. I am one of those kinds of people who has a phobia of needles- not because it hurts but because it is in my body, so once I got over the fact that I will be need a needle-administrated anesthetic he then proceeded to show me the cameras and needles and scissors that will be inside of me.

I am surprised I didn’t faint.

So yeah, I’m gonna have a great next few years totally scared to death and worrying about a simple procedure, one I won’t even need to stay overnight for.

And so I must find a distraction- writing baby! I will start writing after my Pretty Little Liars Marathon!



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