Right. I love Irish, I really do. The language is gorgeous and can be filled with so much more expression than even English sometimes. I love speaking it and the way the words are formed, how different they are to German or English (these are the only three languages I know, so they are the only ones I can compare Irish to).

It can be a really sexy, playful and inspirational language. I know not many people are able to speak it, and most can’t because they don’t want to, but I do wish that everyone would give it a chance outside of schools and learn it in an environment that doesn’t make you hate everything to do with it.

However, although I LOVE it, there are times when I wonder ‘Why Charlotte, why did you do Irish in college?’ Assignments are so much easier to deal with when you don’t have to worry about fadas. I understand that Old Irish is something I need to learn, but my God I chose ‘Nua-Ghaeilge’ (new Irish) for a reason!

At the moment I meant to be doing an essay on the works of Máirtín Ó Cadhain. He is a beautiful writer and he uses such fluent Irish that I myself can’t understand a word of it. I am fluent in Irish and yet his works are too much for me to grasp while trying to write an essay.

Now, there is an English version of the book ‘Road to Brightcity,’ but it is almost impossible to get, and so I am going to camp outside of my college library tonight to make sure I’m the one to get it tomorrow when the last copy borrowed is returned (not really, that would be incredibly sad, but I think it adds some emphasis on how much I need this book!).

But who knows; maybe one day I will speak the crazy Old Irish of my lecturers and I will be the one that no one can understand. I do speak quite quickly in the language (apparently).

Ah well, away from my rant and back to the wonderfully confusing ‘An Braon Brogach’ and


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