I Hate College

You know, in sixth year I was so excited to go to college and study English and Irish- the only subjects I have ever had any interest in, and concentrate on my writing. Living away from home, having a new sense of freedom and living in a big city were all things I could not wait to experience.

But now my college (which for now shall remain unnamed) has put a huge downer on my exciting second year of college. My family is not ‘well-off’ we aren’t poor- but we do struggle occasionally. No big deal, I got a grant last year and this year applied for it again. This year though I really needed it due to certain circumstances at home.

However, while I await news on whether I will or will not receive my grant my college has decided to not allow those of us who have not paid our fees yet into the library. We are then in turn unable to take any books out. I need to pay €900 of my fees if I want to get anywhere near the library.

The reason for this ridiculous request you might ask? The college has put itself in a serious amount of debt, I mean serious money. So they have decided to put some of the stress onto the shoulders of the vulnerable students. As this country is as tight as it can be lately with the current economic climate it is getting harder for people to get grants. So, I cannot pay my fees yet.

Simple as.

But no, it can’t be as simple as that, as I have not paid the €900 of my fees I can’t get into the library or borrow books. And in return for this the college has provided us with a brand new Student Centre worth millions (getting closer to figuring out which college it is yet?) that I can’t use because, well I haven’t paid my fees.

Last year there was nothing like this; I was able to do as much as I wanted in the library- I lived in that building! (sad, I know, but it happens when you have internet and a seat and lots of books). And last year I didn’t get my grant till March. What if that happens again??! I am so screwed. I’ll manage this semester without it, but I don’t know about next year.

So, yeah that’s my rant for the day. Back to normal life people!



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