Back to Reality.

Back to Reality.

I have finally returned from Carlow to Dublin, which means that I now have internet good enough to actually use again!! Which also means that I can update on my writing (That’s right, I didn’t just stop writing and forget about my goal, I kept going through Christmas!)
Believe it or not it was incredibly hard to write for ages during the holidays, and I wasn’t able to until after Christmas when my boyfriend told me that he had written over 20,000 words during the break (which he hadn’t) to get me writing. The genius. It worked and I was back writing within a day or two of hearing this.
So, this is my current word count, haven’t written the last few days as I have been chillin’ but as you can see, I have actually been doing a bit, which is good!
I now know that I will be finished within the next few days- give it 10,000 more words and it should be done and dusted! (till editing). I also have my next project idea, which is great! I’ll write a post about that later on.
So, that’s my update for now, hope y’all had a great Christmas, and I promise to be posting for the next aaaaaaaages now that I have the internet again!



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