You know what’s frustrating? When I am only 200 words- yes, 200 WORDS away from my goal for the day and yet I’m unable to get myself to just start writing again. I was in college today, alone for most of the day because I had earlier classes than my friends, so I got a good bit done- around 2,300.

I was quite happy, but my boyfriend has given me the challenge of being finished my novel by Friday as I more than likely won’t be able to write this weekend. So I have turned to my Blog to get some inspiration to go back to my Word Document and to make my eyes stop falling asleep.

I think I’ll let myself watch an episode of Geoirdie Shore after I write, but not allow myself to watch anything until then.


Just closed the tab that held Youtube, so my room is totally silent bar my extremely loud typing.

Ok, enough procrastinating I am going to get a few hundred more words!! I can totally do this. No TV till I do! And a possibly finished novel by the end of the week!


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