Quota Has Been Made!

I don’t know how long it took, but I have finally finished today’s quota- and a little extra on top! I am quite insanely happy now that my novel is coming to a close- a little bit sad but so excited to see a printed version! And to start on the next book of the series too! I will of course be documenting the next book and all of the editing regarding this one too!

I think that the easiest way for me to do these last few parts are to aim for the certain part in the book and just keep writing till I reach it. There are three final main stages to it, so if I make it to one every night for the next three nights I will be finished by Thursday! The mere idea of that is making me very giddy and incredibly excited! Expect some very odd and rambly posts for the next few days to come.

So, I wrote a good bit today, as you will be able to see from my word count thingy down there. And now I will reward myself with a good oulde episode of Geordie Shore! Good night, hope I have this kind of good news for you all tomorrow!




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