Ah College.

So, I have written today, over a period of an hour or two dispersed randomly throughout the day. I am quite proud, I got 3000 today. The only problem is that I want to write more. I want to keep going and finish this book! The end is in sight, this IS the beginning of the end.

I can’t believe I have actually made it this far. It’s amazing- I never finish anything. This is something I truly love, and I know to what extent now. The only problem with wanting to write more is that I have to be up by half 6 tomorrow morning for a lecture in college at 9. Not even an English one- it’s an Irish one.

I love Irish, but my God all I can think about is how much I really do love English and playing with the language so it suits both me and my characters. I don’t think I’m a great writer- hell I don’t think I’m even a good one! But I will have a finished novel written by me forever, whether it gets published or not, I will always have it.

Of course though, I would much rather it be published- the thought of people picking up MY books in shops or having a shelf in Easons dedicated to my work would be an absolute dream come true.

Alas, as I must get up early and I am a very groggy and grumpy person if I don not get to sleep, I have to stop writing. And although I know that tomorrow I have an awful lot to write, I am putting it in writing here and now- by this time tomorrow my very first novel will be finished!

I may never see my book the way I want to, but even just finishing my characters story (for the moment anyway, as it is a series) is good enough for me.

Goodnight WordPress!! I look forward to tomorrow and even getting up bright and early!




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