First Draft: Complete!

So today I think I have spent over five hours writing! I have written so much today that I thought my character would come out of my brain to tell me to shut up and let him get some rest! But thankfully he didn’t so instead I got to the end of my novel!

I nearly cried when I wrote the final line. In fact, I did, I’m just such a baby that I won’t admit to it! I am so happy that I have been bouncing on my bed since. I am thinking ahead though and figuring out how to start the second book in the series. Going to give myself a few days (maybe one or two) break and then start right back into it.

As my boyfriend said today, if I write 2,000 every night for the next while it should be done in about two months, which is pretty damn good going, and with college back and my life gone back to routine it shouldn’t be hard to get the next one done!

So, I must go to sleep as I am exhausted from today, but I will write more about it after the weekend! So I will leave you with this:


Today, I ended with this. This is the first thing I have ever completed and been totally proud of. But I won’t let it get to me that I finished one book, I’m going to keep going, draining all of my writing ability until I have every book in my head finished. Tomorrow is a new day, and it looks like this:



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