So after having 4 days of isolation and boredom in my house I have decided that WordPress is the most interesting thing left to entertain myself with. I have been given the week off to recover after my surgery. At first I didn’t see how it could take so long for a few wounds to heal, but unfortunately now I can see how long it will take to be back to normal!

In the last few days I have learned the daytime TV schedule off by heart and have watched movies I haven’t seen for years but at this stage I just can’t find anything to do! Cleaning isn’t an option, and I can’t read much at all because of dizziness.

The only plus side to all this time off is that I have had a chance to think about my next novel and see where it’s going. I haven’t made any specific decisions yet- hell I don’t even know where it’s going to begin! But I know that all this while the story will be developing in my subconscious and when I go to write it things may be a lot easier than anticipated.

I was at a talk last week by Dermot Bolger. He’s a big Irish crime/ thriller writer. He also writes poetry, plays and is a journalist. He gave a talk in our college and said that he never knows where his new ideas are going. That has given me loads of confidence to begin this novel. If the best don’t know where they are going with their stuff, how would I?!

So I will be starting my next novel in the next few days, hopefully sooner rather than later. I’ll set my goal for the final date soon and figure out how I’m going to coincide my writing with my college work.

That excited feeling of starting to write and being creative is sneaking back up my spine and planting itself in my brain- I have a feeling that this is going to be a fun story to write!



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