Day Worth Writing About

Don’t get your hopes up, nothing really happened today- yes I am this insanely boring that I do nothing at all with my time off, BUT I did make a small decision which involves writing!

I have been thinking all day about what I could write my post on tonight and while I was going through random, pointless themes in my head an idea dawned on me for my new character. I was ironing at the time (very badly as I still can’t exactly move properly) and was thinking about how my last character thought he was independent and how in reality he was anything but.

In this book my main character will be a girl, and she is going to be amazing. I am getting so excited about how different her attitude to life is compared to any other character I’ve ever thought of! She is gonna be a smart, sassy, show-stoppin’-bitch and she won’t care what people thinks about her or what’s going on in other people’s lives, she will just be lining and trying to get by.

I hope I will be able to paint her properly and portray her personality in the way I want to, but we’ll see. I also figured out how I’m going to actually start the novel, which is great because I was kinda freaking at the thought of a blank screen staring at me, mocking me.

I WILL be writing by Monday! Monday is the beginning of my next novel and a new character’s life. I’ll decide then what my deadline for the book is, but at 2000 words a night and a novel of more or less the same length as the last one it shouldn’t take too long to finish!



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