I Actually Wrote!

Soooo even though I had planned not to write until Monday, I was so excited after writing about my character that I just HAD to write today! I was nervous starting because I thought after I had written the first bit I had thought of today that there would be nowhere else for me to go with it.

I completely surprised myself and wrote over 2000 words, introducing several characters I didn’t even know about and moulding a completely new world around my main character. I am so happy with what I wrote and how my character has turned out so far- I have a great feeling about this book and I’m getting extremely excited about it!

I cannot wait to see where this goes, especially because this new world is completely different to anything I had ever expected! I am so happy to say that I have written today and to start writing ever day from now until the end of this novel!

-From an incredibly happy C!



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