So today I have noticed that I have never once posted about any of my obsessions. Sadly, this is not a post to introduce them into my regular posting, but more an experiment type-of-thing.

I have been obsessed (and I mean OBSESSED) with a little old band called Green Day for 7 years now. I fell in love with them when I was a ‘I don’t care about anyone or anything’ emo little moany teenager and since then I have stuck to them, more out of faithfulness than anything else.

However it is only in the past year really that I have become out-of-trend with the band. I have noticed this over the last few years, whenever I have a boyfriend suddenly my love and infatuation with the lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong declines dramatically, it’s like he’s my transition stage for whenever I don’t have a main guy in my life.

As you all know, I do have a boyfriend at the moment, Mr. Seán, and I don’t think we will be breaking up any time soon. BUT as I cannot test with not having a boyfriend, I am going to test how my obsession grows as the date of a concert I’m going to in June nears. My Dad bought me tickets to see Green day in London, which obviously is amazing! So, I have taken it upon myself to see how bad I get in the next few months at the thought of seeing Mr. Armstrong live again.

I have a very obsessive personality and can become obsessed with something very easily, Benedict Cumberbatch for example. I feel sorry for Sean if theis experiment turns out the way I think it will- you never know, I might end up with no boyfriend by the end of it and left to enjoy my Green Day alone!



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