No Excuses

I know I didn’t write yesterday, but I swear I have a good excuse! Well, it’s a good excuse to me anyway.

Yesterday I had a date with my Granny to see Le Mis, I have been DYING to see it since it came out and so has she, so we went to the cinema together last night. I then ended up saying at her house because it was over far too late or me to get home.

It was well worth it though, I needed to spend some time with my main woman (I love my Granny!) and so the night was well spent.

Tonight however I will not let myself off as easily. It’s gonna be tough getting back into it because I have absolutely NO idea where I’m going with this. Nevertheless I will write and hopefully- no, I WILL- get my goal of 2,000 tonight!

I’ll check in later to let y’all know how I got on!


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