My boyfriend hates it when I use this expression. I’ve never asked him why, and I don’t really fancy it much either but when I am totally content and happy with how I am feeling this is the phrase I say.

Today I am happy-out. I had a great day with my Mom and after being embarrassed by her several times on the train with her overly protective instructions on where to sit and how to sit and whatnot, I was left alone and made my way to Dublin, where I now sit typing.

I may not have started writing yet, but I am still happy and can’t wait to get the week started! There is one song that has been playing in my head for the last week. Take That’s (don’t judge me) ‘Patience’. I have been literally wishing everyday away and willing my body to get better with every ounce of my being.

Hence, I had to try to get myself to calm down and take whatever would come as it came, I shouldn’t really be back in Dublin yet, so obviously the song didn’t really work.

However, it did keep me sane, (also, I think I can definitely say that I have a huge soft spot for the foursome/five-some) so I think everyone should go listen to Take That and sing their hearts out while they’re at it!


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