To the Max

Right, I did write today, which is great! But it took much longer than it usually does because my Mom is organising her 50th Birthday Party at the moment, and in typical Eaton fashion she has left it all to the last minute. It’s next Saturday and yet she has only ordered half the stuff today. I get my lack of organisation from her and my Granny, the three of us are one and the same!

So, after reaching the 1,400 mark my Mom called me down to help her order things online, which inevitably led to both of us being extremely frustrated and at one another’s necks. However, now that the favours are ordered and my goal reached we are both happy and content with one another again!

So, as I said I have reached my goal for the day! Tomorrow I head back to Dublin after getting stitches out today and a week away from my boyfriend and friends I cannot wait to get back to college and see everyone again!

Tomorrow I will set my final date for this novel and I will stick to it! I plan to have 20,000 in 8 days! If I keep my daily goal of 2000 up I should get it no problem!


Goodnight to all! Hope you all got some writing done today too!


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