Tough Going

Not much of a title tonight, but I think it suits how my writing was today. It was hard to get into it today, I’m not sure whether it’s because I’m excited about seeing my friends tomorrow or whether it’s just the point I’m at at the moment. Whatever the reason it was tough going to get 2000.

I did get it eventually and was ecstatic when I saw that I had gotten over the goal for the day. It’s hard at the start I think mainly because I have no idea what’s happening with this story or where it’s going to go. You never know, it might not even make it into the series if it isn’t good enough or doesn’t suit.

I do love one of the characters though, she’s a badass girl, something I most certainly am not so it’s fun thinking about how I’m going to show her personality and when I’m going to introduce it properly.

Yesterday I said that I would set a day for this story to be finished. I’m going to presume it will be around the same length as the last one I wrote (90,000) and 2,000 a day should have it finished in 45 days, but as we all know we get sidetracked and some days don’t work out as well as we had hoped, so I’m going to give myself 60 days to finish it, just because I know that there will be days when I just can’t write or days that I feel like throwing my laptop at the wall in frustration.

So, that means that by April the 4th I have to be finished my next first draft! (Please, anyone out there with good maths, please check that I’m right and correct me if I’m wrong!) So I’m going to put up a counter that I will see on WordPress everyday to make sure that I keep going until I have finished this! And then the editing of my fist book shall begin!




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