Trying to Get a Routine

I forgot what it was like being in college all day and then to come home realising you have homework to do and that you must start your readings and all that.

I used to do all my readings and study in the library, but this year the college I attend has decided not to let people into the library without paying fees. I am one of those people who will not be able to just pay €3,000 some day to get into the library, so now I have to do all my readings when I get home.

I’m usually not very good at self-motivation for this kind of work but I’m going to really try to get all my readings done from now on, as well as write everyday and go to ALL of my classes. I know, wistful thinking, but if I can at least try to get a routine going that will ensure that I get most- all of my work done it will make life so much easier!

Now, the only other thing is adding writing into the equation. I usually write around 1600-2000 in an hour so I should be fine if I set an hour aside every evening to write. My boyfriend does this at 7, so I think I’ll do it at the same time. I am very easily distracted- through this post alone I’ve been distracted by my phone at least 5 times.

Soooo after dinner I will start writing, get my word count and be done for thee night, having loads of time to do all of the other stuff I need to do! I will post later to let you know how I get on!


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