10,000 and looking forward to tomorrow!

Today I reached the 10,000 word count, which I am ecstatic about because it means that I am only 10,000 words from the 20,000 mark which is where it gets serious!

I wrote over 2,000, hitting my goal and made a huge development in the plot line! For the last while I have just been creating the world and getting to know my characters and where they might be heading, but now I have something seriously good to aim for! And I am seriously excited about it!

I actually have an aim, and tension will begin to rise and things are about to get confusing and tough for my poor main character- who knows what’s going to happen! I certainly don’t, but it will be extremely interesting to see where this goes.

I will go now and again treat myself to a cup of tea and an episode of Friends for writing!


3 thoughts on “10,000 and looking forward to tomorrow!

    1. That sounds great! I really do love my tea- more than chocolate even! It’s always a nice idea to have in your head that there’s a treat waiting for you when writing gets tough 🙂

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