I am Back in High Spirits!

And it is not just because of my lack of sleep that I am delirious in a good mood, but because I had a really great day today!

Mr. Cooke and I went to our favourite cafe, where we each had a HUGE bowl of noodles, then shared an amazing death-by-chocolate brownie, and to top it off I had Coke- my college does not sell Coke. I love Coke.

So as for writing I am expecting to write today, I may not reach my goal, because as I said earlier I am quite very delirious at the moment with exhaustion (so much so that I got on the wrong bus and only got off because Sean came on to tell me it was the wrong one). Buuuuuuuut I will most certainly be writing today- whether I get 200 or 2,000 words I will most definitely write!

So here’s to an amazingly random and crazy writing session- who knows what will happen? Could even end up killing my main character off! (Don’t hole your breath, I ain’t that tired!)


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