To Be a Writer..

I made it back today at last after a great weekend at home and spending my Mom’s 50th with her. There are loads of things going on at the moment with me, my friends and college- good things, don’t get me wrong, and each one is giving me more and more ambition- and that is to finish my series and be a published writer.

It may be difficult, and I know it’s almost impossible to break into this particular end of the scale in the world of ‘jobs’, but I am completely determined. I must admit though that seeing the amount of people on WordPress who write and who really seem to know what they are talking about can scare me sometimes. I mean, why would someone pick my book over there’s?

But I can’t keep that thought in my head. I need to finish this series- if not for publishing or even for myself, at least for the sake of my characters. I can’t leave a life hanging with no ending, that would be cruel! Plus, I really do want to write- it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do and now that I’ve finally really gotten into the swing of it I don’t ever want it to leave.

I have so many ideas, I just hope that one of them is good enough to be published- good enough for people to actually want to read, to be a ‘cab’t-put-it-down’ sort of book. That is what I want.

Now that my break weekend is over tomorrow I will be right in on top of writing 2,000, if not more, a day- and that is a serious promise! I will start bringing my laptop around with me again and writing whenever I can, then do assignments and college readings when I get home- it’s the perfect plan! And I have loads of people who will literally push my laptop in my face if I refuse to write, which is brilliant inspiration because I don’t fancy a broken nose.

I know that being a writer will be tough and occasionally I will want to give in and work in some normal job where every day is the same until I go crazy with the constant de ja vous, but so long as someone reads my book, or even if one publisher has faith in me it’ll be more than worth it. All the sweat, tears, long nights staring at the word counter on my Word Document- all of it will be totally worth it!

The odds that I will get published out of all of the people here on WordPress are incredibly slim, but as they say, you can’t know until you try!


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