Pancakes and Tea to Hide my Shame!

So I realised today that I never put an image of the amount of writing I got done up the other day- I apologise. In other news I did actually write a little bit today. A tiny bit, really- but hey it’s something!

So today’s image will have both today’s and tomorrow’s amount in the same image. I will end up writing more tonight though if I can’y sleep, so you never know, I might still have some good news for ye tomorrow! Though I highly doubt it as I have a SUPER early start tomorrow!

Tomorrow I am going straight home after college, doing my homework and then writing. I have a few assignments due this week (for Irish mainly) so I’ll have to make sure I have all of those done and ready to hand up! I also have Valentines Day coming up which will be another day which I will more than likely not be able to write for, so don’t expect much on Thursday!

However, do expect a long post about how amazing pancakes are and how unreal tea is tomorrow as that is what my lunch will consist of! Also, I think I’m going to write a post on Valentines Day as you can’t go to anyone’s page without seeing something about the occasion- and what can I say? I’m a views whore.

So goodnight WordPress, hopefully will have much better news and a much more interesting image for you all to see tomorrow!



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