Over 15,000 baby!

I know it’s not that much when compared to an entire novel finished, but it is something, and it’s on it’s way! When you look at 15,000, it’s half way to 30,000, which is half way to 60,000 which is three quarters of the way to 90,000!

If only I could be finished this novel in those three simple steps! This novel is proving difficult, but I am determined to finish it, plus it actually has somewhere to go now that two of the characters are after revealing different secrets it means that the action is really going to start now!


I think my head knows where this story is going, I’m just being slow on the uptake. It’s starting to become a bit clearer now, which is great; I really like knowing where I’m going with things while I write them! I’m sure this one will need A LOT of editing to even be given to someone to read as a first draft! But we’ll see, I’m far from that at the moment!

I have set my goal nice and easy for this week: I want to have 25,000 by Monday. If I get that much in the next 5 days there is absolutely no turning back! I’ll HAVE to keep going once I hit that number!

Right, I need to look up a few Sparknotes before my class tomorrow! Night!



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