Valentine’s Day: How to Tackle those Pesky Little Feelings

I have seen so many posts lately of people either giving out about Valentine’s Day, or going completely lovey dovey and suggesting over the top engagements and sexual positions I didn’t even know existed- but whether you’re a hater or a lover (literally) you’re going to have to come face to face with it on Thursday.

I know that there are a million and one different kinds of people out there and each one has a different way to go about things- especially how they show their feelings. Ah feelings, those scary little sparks of emotion that somehow scare the best of us silly in a bid to free themselves and express what we feel to the right person.

Now, if you are one of the hopeless romantics, like me, you will know how amazing it feels to blab on for hours about how you feel and trying to put how you feel into words. However, I know that there are many people who despise the thought of telling anyone how they feel- even their parents. That’s ok, I won’t judge. But if you feel like you can make a move and express how you really feel about that one special person who makes your heart race at the mere thought of their touch, then perhaps you should rethink the whole ‘Valentine’s Day is Shit’ thing.

Think about it, you will more than likely end up going out anyway just because of the commercial end of things, but when you look past all the hearts and fluffy pillows in shop windows, you’ll see couples really enjoying one another’s company- enjoying being in love- enjoying how they feel, which in reality is what the whole thing is about!

It may seem stereotypical, or like I’m stealing this from a movie but what’s wrong with using a day dedicated to love to profess how you truly feel? I mean if you’re not able to do it on a normal day, you can tap into the luuurve in the air and find the courage to tell your partner the truth. If you feel strongly about the person you are with, and you have seen signs of it in your partner too then what is so wrong about telling them you ‘like-like’ them?

That’s all it is. Use childish words if you can’t think of anything else to say, but if you’re gonna say it Thursday would seem like a pretty good choice to me! Who knows, it could be the start of something beautiful!


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