An Apology and a Goal

If you haven’t noticed, I have not written a post in a very long time (well, it’s a long time for me) and as a result I have not been writing anything outside of WordPress. My poor novel has stayed the same as it was this time last week.

BUT this is a new week and indeed I shall be writing every day possible, other than Thursday when my friend is having a party- I mean I love my writing, but not enough to sit there writing while everyone else is dancing and drinking- might take a bit longer to get 2,000 words when you have your drunken friends trying to convince you not write!

So, let all read this now: I am going to try extremely hard to get past my goal this week of 25,000 words! I am currently just above 15,000 so ten thousand in a week- should be doable! Especially at 2,000 a night (again, bar Thursday, just making sure, in case I hadn’t mentioned it already).

Wish me luck lovely people!!

(By the way, welcome to all of my new followers! I hope I live up to whatever the reason was for you following my blog!)


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