Goal Set and Reached!

I said earlier that I have not written in a very long time- I hold my hands up, I was extremely lazy and just couldn’t have been bothered with writing. I am back now though and I think I actually know where I’m going with it now!

I know it sounds silly, but I really did have no idea where the hell I was going with this novel for the last few weeks, but I finally know what’s happening and where the time frame could be falling. It will more than likely change between now and the end of the book- but at least I have something to work with, and more importantly something to write about!

From what I’ve gathered so far from this series, I think it’s going to be quite confusing for me to remember everything, so I was thinking of drawing out a graph at the end of this book so I know where each character is at certain parts of the books as they all overlap with one another.

Buuuuuut, I won’t have to worry about that for a while, so back to today! I wrote over 2,000 words and now I feel great! I needed to get some stuff out of my system and writing is like a therapy yo me- a good way to get rid of anything that’s left inside of you for a few days is to bang it out on your keypad!

I am going to have a shower, clean my room (for once) and go to bed nice and early so that I can get up for my lovely 9 o’clock Irish lecture.

Goodnight WordPress!



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