I am officially a writing-waster. I have set a goal for the week and although I got my first day of writing done, I have skipped the last two days! Which means that I am 4,000 words behind!

I won’t be able to write tomorrow night (as I mention when setting my goal) so I can’t even make up for lost time. Instead I am going to focus my energy this weekend on getting 2,500 AT LEAST on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

I’m starting my essays for college this weekend so writing will be a nice break from the wonderful J-Stor our college uses for often extremely long-winded sources! I will definitely do my best to actually get ALL of that writing done this weekend- I know, I wouldn’t expect me to do it either if I was a reader of this Blog, but I WILL DO IT!

If I do write 2,500 words every day this weekend I will be allowed to watch an episode of Pretty Little Liars on Sunday night as a reward, that should get me motivated! (You really have no idea how much I love that show…)

Sooooo I will now leave you so that I can get back to the book which kept me from writing today (Pandemonium, Lauren Oliver) and hopefully finish it between now and tomorrow so that my only distraction this weekend are college essays- that alone should ensure my jump in the amount of words currently on my novel.

Good night to all!!


2 thoughts on “Waster

    1. Thank you so much, that is great advice! I’m starting my notes tomorrow- thank God for writing, otherwise I would have nothing to use as a distraction from the work. I hope my personality will shine through my opinions on the different works I will be writing on.

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