Challenge to be Met!

I have even stopped reading Pandemonium to start writing- THAT is how serious I am about getting my goal today.

I have set the goal for 2,500 words today, tomorrow and on Sunday to make up for my lack of writing all this week. I also have a plan to start writing more during the week, but will explain that in my later post!

I have not gone home to Carlow this weekend so that I can start on my essays and get looooads of writing done, so I am seriously pumped to start writing!

I opened my Word Document only moments before starting this post and I have no idea where I am in it; but I am choosing to look at this as a challenge- I might even find a new twist in there somewhere- who knows what could happen now! (I certainly don’t!)

I have decided to start writing after this post and once I start writing that’s it- no breaks until I get all I can out. This is different to how I usually work as I usually wait until there is a break in the plot, or keep going until I meet a point that I know will be fun to write and which will motivate me the next day, but not today!

Today I am just going to write- I don’t know where I’m going, I might have to edit it all out completely, but I’m just going to go for it and see what happens. Who knows, I might end up with something entirely confusing, or something utterly amazing- but regardless there is only one way to figure out what will come out!

I shall check in later to tell all about my writing today!


7 thoughts on “Challenge to be Met!

      1. I feel awful admitting this, but my Facebook was open the whole time I was writing! Only checked it every twenty minutes though, which I am very proud to say!

      2. I finally reached my goal, and so I had to write a post about that, and now I am able to browse WordPress at my leisure, a small reward for reaching my goal of the day… Along with a lovely cup of tea!

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