Honey, I’m Home!

Home being my target, and boy did I hit it! I think this could be the turn I needed to really pull me into this novel, and now there is no way out unless I go forward. I have gotten much further into the story than I expected today, which means that I am officially past the part that was holding me in one place and I have room to go wherever I want, and my girl- she wants action and she wants it soon!

I can feel a really interesting turn coming and it’s already starting to plant itself into my writing. This one is going to need so much editing considering how long it took me to get into it, but I am sure that today was the push I needed to get me back into the story and in love with my character again.

I wrote over 2,500 words today and also figured a few more of the major links out. I am so excited about this now that I know I will not stop writing due to laziness again! According to the folder I keep the snap shots of the amount of words I am currently at, this is my 11th day of writing on this novel. That means I have gotten over 20,000 words in 11 days.

I know it took a lot longer than that for me to write it, but if you add all the days I actually wrote together that’s all it took. That’s after giving me a lot of confidence that reaching the date that my first draft of this novel is due in may actually be possible!

My plan (which I mentioned earlier) to start writing more during the week is to bring my laptop into college. I have a lot of early starts this semester and because of that I end up being on my own for an hour or two almost everyday. I have been using those hours to read and stuff like that, but now I will be focussing fully on writing and getting this novel done!

I can absolutely do this and now that I have found where I am going it is going to make the journey with this novel so much swifter and enjoyable- well that’s the hope! I know that once I reach around the 40,000 word mark I will more than likely hate the novel again and feel like hitting my laptop and pressing delete on the file, but hopefully when/if that happens I will be able to look back on this post and see how much I actually love this book, keep going and push through to the end!


2 thoughts on “Honey, I’m Home!

  1. Don’t. Press. Delete.

    We’ve all been there! In one of my most recent projects, I actually disliked my main character until about halfway through the first draft. Another time, I hated a first draft so much that I insisted on pretending the entire project didn’t exist for an entire year. It’s probably cliche to say this, but it gets better. Even if you are at 40K words and find yourself discouraged, just keep going. Perhaps print this blog post and hang it on the wall above your computer. Read it every time you battle self-doubt. 🙂

    1. That’s a really good idea, thank you!
      I know what you mean about hating projects, sometimes it gets so hard to see past the constant questioning of whether or not it’s good enough, or original enough to ever be published!
      I know to always finish your current project, otherwise you won’t learn anything from the experience. Even if the book is awful, you will always have experience from even just finishing the book!
      I think I will print this post off and use it to make sure that I don’t lose interest again!

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