Exceeding my Goal!

Today was an utter success! I am quite very thrilled to say that I have exceeded my goal by 500 words! That’s right people, 3,000 words written today! Apparently doing next to nothing all day helps my mind to write an awful lot!

Wow, there were a lot of exclamation points in that paragraph. One thing I did want to mention in today’s post is that I have found that in every novel there are a few words that I seem to use an awful lot and I just can’t stop using them, or a word that no matter how often I spell it (even if I know how to spell it) I spell it wrong anyway. Does this happen to anyone else?

At the moment I am trying desperately to avoid the word ‘suddenly’ and I am misspelling ‘extremely’ I keep spelling it like this: extrememly. I find it quite amusing because I know it’ coming yet can’t stop it! I’m even spelling it like that when I text now. It’s pure madness!

Sooooo now that I am finished writing I am going to curl up and watch something nice and have a good sleep after, and look forward to tomorrow, hoping that I will reach such a satisfying number again tomorrow!

I really have to do some serious studying tomorrow though and make up for my laziness in college work today!

Night WordPress!

Sci Day 12


4 thoughts on “Exceeding my Goal!

  1. Congratulations!

    I think it is quite common for writers to use the same word a bit too often during the first draft – one of the many reasons that revisions are necessary. 😉

    In your post, you write “in every novel” – how many novels have you written?

    1. Oh God, that makes me sound like I have written loads! This is only my second! But it’s the same in any short story I’ve ever written, that I have one word I either misspell constantly or overuse. Or both! 😛
      And thank you for the congratulations 🙂

      1. Well, even having finished one novel and working on a second is pretty fantastic – especially in college! When do you sleep? 😉

      2. Haha, I have no idea! Half 6 starts and late ends are quite tiring some days, but it will all be worth it when I get my degree, and more importantly if I ever get published!

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