Just Chillin’

So, I’m sitting here, in my sitting room only reading posts on WordPress and Facebook- remember how I said I would study today? Yeah…

So I got thinking, what the hell is editing going to be like? It scared me, so I thought about food, thought about turning on the TV, then felt guilty because I haven’t even looked at the Pickwick papers yet…


There, now I don’t feel as bad. So I have sorta, kinda, justified not working at all today. So you know what that means? I have a lot of time to write. A LOT.

I will eat, then write. Being full of sweet and sour chicken with rice sounds amazing at this time of the day, doesn’t it? And so that is what I shall have, and what I shall do.

Unfortunately I might have to do some actual work eventually, but for now I feel goooood that writing is the only thing I am actually bothered to do! Other than eat of course…

So here’s to me writing far earlier than I have in a looooong time! (I’m holding a glass of water for this cheers because I don’t like wine).



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