Hello Goal!

Not the sporty kind, I’m really not the sporty type, but a better kind of goal- (please don’t take that as a hit sporty people!) a writing goal!

Yes, I have achieved 2,500 words again today! I am quite thrilled- that’s three days in a row that I have gotten my goal! Now, the only tough thing will be keeping it up during the week with college and midterm essays due. But I will manage! I have set the date for me finishing my draft for a reason and I aim to keep it that way!

I will be heading out to my boyfriend’s house tomorrow for dinner, but we have planned to write when I’m out there because he’s super close to finishing his first draft of his current work and I have just gotten back into the swing of things- don’t want to lose it again!

So, I apologise for a super late post tomorrow, unless I manage to squeeze one in while I’m in college!

So my goal resumes to what it usually is tomorrow: 2,000 words.

Let’s hope I can keep it up all through the week!



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