Sleeping and Writing

I decided earlier that I would start writing at 6, then after some consideration (and serious procrastination from my studies) I started writing much earlier than that.

I have written over 2,000 words already so I just have to get the last little bit in the next half hour or so.

I have been having serious trouble sleeping lately, and I have tried a few different approaches to fix the problem; waiting until really late to make sure I’m tired enough to sleep, showering before bed to calm my body down, a lavender candle beside my bed, reading till my eyes droop and the words on the page blur together, even making sure that I didn’t sleep well the night before to ensure a good night’s sleep.

None of them have really worked! So much so, that this was me last night:


Soooo, tonight my aim is to turn my laptop off at 10, after finishing my writing ages before that and after a nice hour of WordPress creeping. Then read till I have no choice but to sleep!

Oh, by the way if anyone has any tips on how to sleep, please let me know, I will try ANYTHING at this stage!

So, now I will get back to my novel and finish the last few hundred words. I’ll check in later and let you all know what the final number was!


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