Ah, Mondays…

So I have made it to college after getting a different bus than usual and standing in the cold for over half an hour (stupidly) just to make sure I got the same bus as my boyfriend. I know, I’m extremely sad.

Now that I am in college I really don’t feel like doing anything, and really don’t want to go to anything- to be honest I just want to sit here and write. I’ve skipped one class already (which I haven’t gone to at all yet this semester!) and am considering skipping the other two I have today… I am an absolute disgrace!

Soooooo we shall see what happens, I hope I somehow find the want to learn! Medieval Literature though…. Eww…

Anyway, I just wanted to post more or less just to have something to do!

Buh byes, enjoy your Mondays!


2 thoughts on “Ah, Mondays…

  1. This is pretty much exactly my life. I feel not so alone now!
    Maybe if they had a degree program where one could chase characters around and whoever gets them to work together with minimal complaint gets to graduate first.

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