Shette the Dores

No, I am not going crazy, in fact it is the complete opposite! That means ‘shut the door’ in crazy Medieval English. Why that sentence you may ask? Because I have SHUT THE DOOR on that essay! Well, sort of. It’s being corrected (I have an extremely bad tone for essays, it’s a curse).

But for now it is out of my hair!

I have very long hair, so that’s pretty damn awesome that it made it out of there alive.

I am quite exhausted now after that essay. Currently recharging my batteries by listening to a never ending playlist of Taylor Swift and random Ed Sheeran songs, looking at the Wife of Bath’s Tale sitting beside me on my bed with all the pretty colour co-ordination I spent so long on that I could have started my essay and finished had I not done it, but what can I say?

I am a procrastinator, I should get help. But I won’t. I’m happy with where I am and only when it starts to effect those around me will I seek help.

Thankfully my allergic reaction to the sun only kicked in now, so I have the whole night of itching ahead of me, knowing that I have finished that damned essay- the greatest kind of itching ever.

Yeah, so I don’t think I should write posts when my head is this scrambled, but it ain’t gonna stop me!

Hope you all enjoyed my ramblings!

Goodnight all!

(Yes I know what time it is, but I’m 20, getting old, y’know?)


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