Games Aren’t So Bad After All…

So after a well deserved break form essay-ing today, I went to college, had a lazy day hanging with my friends and watching them all fret over finishing their essays and then went to my boyfriend’s only to discover that my Competitive Streak is very much alive and well.

Side Note: If you have not read about my newly found competitive streak, you can find it in the link above. It’s a very thrilling and delightful post, you should click into it, even just to check whether or not it’s too long to read.

So yes, while at my boyfriends we played the usual game of Worms, where I kill more of the worms on my team than my boyfriend can manage- that’s right, I kill them before he even gets the chance to get to them. That there is strategical thinking. When he reminded me that I promised him I’d try one of the actual ‘fighting’ games. I was curious to see whether or not the whole theory about girls pressing ‘a a a a a a a a a’ repeatedly would actually get her somewhere.

Apparently it does.

We were playing a game called ‘Street Fighters’ (I think…) and even though I only learned in our third match how to jump, I won a good few rounds! Not the overall game, but I was very nearly there!

Soooooo my whole ‘I’m not going to let myself be competitive’ things really didn’t last long at all.

In fact, I’m growing to like being competitive. More when I win, but it’s still pretty awesome making my boyfriend think I might actually have a chance at winning (all the while, convincing myself I have a chance too).

SO I will retract my original ‘I ain’t gonna be a competitive bitch’ and replace it with ‘Hell’s yeah baby, BRING IT ON!’

Here’s to a lifetime of gaming, and ultimately failing.


3 thoughts on “Games Aren’t So Bad After All…

    1. I didn’t know till lately, but I’m very much the same. I wrote a post a while ago called ‘Competitive Streak’ when my boyfriend read it he thought it was hilarious how bad I am! 😛

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